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Szily, László

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Blog Cink - Hungary | 25/03/2015

Complicit Orbán must resign

Hungary's foreign ministry invested billions in tax money in the bankrupt brokerage firm Quaestor, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán confirmed on Wednesday. László Szily calls on the blog portal Cink for the resignation of both the head of government and Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó: "Up to now in my opinion only Szijjártó should have resigned. But now I also believe Orbán should step down too. … The issue here is that the foreign ministry invested billions in the brokerage firm and then took them out on March 9, the very same day Quaestor's bankruptcy was made public. … If the foreign ministry does such a thing there is every reason to believe that other ministries would do the same, and the all-powerful prime minister must be aware of this. What was initially only an assumption has now been confirmed by Orbán."

Blog Cink - Hungary | 12/01/2015

Orbán's Islamophobia a national embarrassment

"We do not want a significant minority with different cultural backgrounds living among us, we want to keep Hungary as Hungary," Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said to the Hungarian state television channel after the vigil of heads of state and government on Sunday in Paris. He couldn't have picked a worst time and place to make such comments, the left-liberal blog portal Cink criticises: "There are a thousand different points of view on immigration. It's no less legitimate to demand radical restriction than to want to throw the doors wide open. ... But one thing is certain: in the context of the march, Orbán's statements took on a clearly Islamophobic connotation. True, Orbán didn't actually say it, but everyone thinks of Muslims when they hear words like 'immigrants' and 'different cultural background'. ... Saying that we're not willing to tolerate people from another culture will only worsen our country's already poor reputation."

Cink - Hungary | 09/09/2014

Hungary mistreating its school beginners

The right-wing conservative government's educational reform has been under constant attack since the beginning of the school term on September 1 in Hungary. Journalist and father Lászlo Szily accuses the authors of the reform of making inhumane demands of school beginners: "The true scandal is that the poor little first-year pupils are being subjected to seven-hour school days, and on some days they don't even have time to eat lunch. I went to yet another parents' evening and now I'm a nervous wreck. ... If there was an international tribunal for children in The Hague, the authors of the Hungarian educational reform would now be in handcuffs and chains, awaiting their deserved sentences. But in our autocratic system, which ignores any rational criticism, such inhumane madness has free rein."

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