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Szászi, Júlia

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168 óra - Hungary | 12/11/2009

Students fight for better universities

The student protests in Austria continue apace. The left-liberal daily 168 Óra shows sympathy for the students' demands: "The 19 major universities in Austria are attended by roughly 220,000 students (the buildings, many of which are in need of repair, can't even hold that many). ... In addition the flow of German students has increased in recent years. Admission is restricted in Germany, and for that reason numerous German students come to Austria where the universities still have no entrance exams. ... It was only a question of time before the bomb exploded. The students are primarily fighting against student fees and for better conditions. ... By contrast they are not calling for a more rational approach to curricula. Currently they can choose from 170 different subjects, however just eight of those subjects attract the majority of the 220,000 students."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 18/06/2008

Chancellor Gusenbauer's predicament

Júlia Szászi, Austrian correspondent for the left-liberal Hungarian newspaper, writes on the predicament faced by Austrian Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer, who was forced a few days ago to cede the leadership of his Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) to transport minister Werner Faymann: "No one here puts much faith in Alfred Gusenbauer's political future, not even those in his own camp. ... Increasingly it seems that the government is being led by the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP), the junior partner in the coalition. ... Now that he has relinquished the SPÖ leadership, the chancellor will have all the less room for manoeuver. ... Gusenbauer will have to coordinate all his decisions with the new party leader, Werner Faymann. ... The earlier Faymann also becomes chancellor, the better."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 12/03/2008

Time for reflection for Austria's grand coalition

Vienna correspondent Júlia Szászi discusses the current political situation and hopes that the crisis Austria's grand coalition is experiencing will soon come to an end: "The solution is typical of the Austrians: gain time for reflection. Over the next few days Austria will be focused on remembering its annexation with Hitler's Germany 70 years ago, then comes Easter, and then the final preparations for the European Football Championship. That leaves no time for early elections, which 70 percent of Austrians don't want anyway. Moreover, none of the parties has anything attractive to offer. And the idea of a minority government is tragicomic: if nothing works even within the coalition, what support can the social democrats expect from without?"

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