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Szanto, Gabor T.

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Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 30/06/2006

Gabor T. Szanto on remembering the Holocaust

Research institutes, governmental and non-governmental organisations from 24 countries are working in the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research to preserve the memory of the Holocaust. Gabor T. Szanto, novelist and publisher of the "Szombat" magazine, explains why: "In schools, many pupils are marginalised by other pupils because of their origins, because they look or behave differently. Schools should make it clear that even civilised people are not free of prejudices and destructive urges… The victims of the Holocaust should not be remembered as a collective mass of people, but as individuals. We must remind people in cities and villages no longer populated by Jews of these individual fates… If we are successful in arousing interest in their culture, religion and local traditions then people will be able to understand the loss suffered by Judaism and mankind as a whole as a result of the Holocaust."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 09/05/2006

Europe in a celebratory mood?

Under the auspices of the pan-European culture project "Cafe d´Europe" author Gabor T. Szanto pays homage to the cafe as a place for discussion and a symbol of a common European heritage. "Europe is people with different views sitting down at one table because they know how important it is to exchange their views. Together, they seek and find common ground, even though they never agree with each other. Europe is the realisation that the preservation of tradition, liberalism and social sensibility are not mutually exclusive because the world and people's feelings and systems of values simply can't be compressed into a single, all-encompassing ideology. Europe is the place where we are conscious of the tragedy of our transience and the enigmas of our existence, and where we can compensate for the pathos of our belief in the truth with a little humility and irony."

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