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Szajlai, Csaba

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Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 10/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: Hungarians the better migrants

Those who are against Hungary taking in asylum seekers are often reminded of the roughly two hundred thousand people who fled to Western Europe during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The conservative daily Magyar Hírlap rejects this comparison: "At the time, the Hungarian refugees were regarded as 'ideal' immigrants in the West: they could be integrated on the job markets of their host countries almost immediately, and because of their European culture - the crucial factor - also into the majority societies. … We protest against the heroes and martyrs of 1956 being lumped together with the Middle East migrants who in Hungary and in Germany have already repeatedly given us a foretaste of how they will behave as European citizens."

Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 07/05/2015

Hungary poised for another three boom years

Thanks to the positive economic developments of the last few years Hungary is set to enjoy at least another three good years, the right-wing conservative daily Magyar Hírlap predicts: "This year the economy is being driven above all by domestic consumption: the dynamic growth of real wages, the increased loans from banks and the positive effects of the conversion of foreign currency loans into forint loans are boosting the consumption of Hungarian households. While experts warn that the Hungarian economy is simply being driven by one-off impulses we can still count another three boom years economically. Of course this doesn't free the government of its responsibility to pursue an economic policy that guarantees high-level growth in the long term too."

Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 12/09/2012

Hungary urgently needs IMF loan

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Monday rejected accusations in parliament that it was his fault that the country potentially needs further IMF loans, pointing out that the financial crisis is to blame. But Orbán is also responsible for the country's plight, the conservative daily Magyar Hírlap contends and predicts that the country will be forced to apply for more IMF credit: "Is there any way of getting around the IMF? This is a crucial question. Let's stop all the phrase-mongering now, please! … Hungary can keep its head above water financially for another year, at most. So there's no alternative to an IMF loan. Why? Hungary needs to pay off trillions of forints [several billion euros] in debt. These debts were mainly accumulated by the previous left-liberal government, but the current government is also to blame for today's plight. Among other things, it has frightened away the investors."

Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 21/03/2012

Hungary's government endangering the economy

Hungary's right-wing conservative government introduced an exchange rate cap on Monday meant to help hundreds of thousands of Hungarians service their loans in foreign currencies. But the measure will only harm the country's economy, writes the conservative daily Magyar Hirlap: "This construct guarantees borrowers five years of lower instalments. After that, however, their monthly payments will rise again. At the same time, however, the banks and the state are exempting indebted households from a considerable sum. ... Nevertheless the Hungarian economy continues to have high foreign currency debts, and the exchange rate cap won't help it out of its plight. According to experts at the National Bank, the measure only redistributes the burden among the households, banks and the state. Another question is what additional losses the exchange rate cap will inflict on the banks. Should their losses be high it will put a major brake on lending, which will in turn smother economic growth."

Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 01/02/2012

Hungary makes right decision

The Hungarian government's decision to endorse the EU fiscal compact was a sensible one, writes the right-wing conservative daily Magyar Hírlap: "For the average citizen the results in Brussels are difficult to comprehend. Until now the problem for Hungary, or more precisely its government, was that the EU was concerning itself with the independence of the media and central bank and even interfering with matters regarding the democratic legal system. Now on top of everything else we're supposed to draw up our budget according to EU stipulations. But the government has made a good decision. It has considered the interests of investors, the markets and the EU, which means its well on its way to returning to the European fold. Or more precisely, not just the European fold but also the European Union's framework of rules."

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