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Swain, Adam

Adam Swain is a lecturer in geography at the University of Nottingham. He is editor of Reconstructing the Post-Soviet Industrial Region: the Donbas in transition (Routledge)

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 17/04/2007

Ukraine's democratic future is 'jeopardised'

"The decree issued by Ukraine's president Viktor Yushchenko earlier this month to dissolve parliament and hold early elections is no less than an attempted coup d'etat, apparently aided and abetted by western powers", considers Adam Swain, a lecturer in geography at the University of Nottingham. "For Yushchenko, the attempted coup is a means to recover some lost power from parliament. For his western backers, it is a way of irreversibly locking Ukraine into western geopolitical and geo-economic structures. ... Paradoxically Yushchenko has returned to the failed authoritarianism of the past, and jeopardised not only his but also his country's democratic future. In so doing he has renounced his right as heir to the Orange Revolution ... ."

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