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Svensson, Tommy

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Aftonbladet - Sweden | 14/05/2007

Politics sets the pace of the Eurovision

"This is the beginning of a new chapter for Serbia," Tommy Svensson quotes Serb singer Marija Serifovic following her Eurovision Song Contest victory, which sparked mass celebrations in her home country. Unlike many of the entries from other Eastern and Central European countries, Serifovic's song wasn't an ethnic or folklore-style song but more of a chanson; the singer performed in a black suit. The news of the victory in Helsinki even broke up the evening's parliamentary debate in Belgrade. According to Svensson, it's evidence of the country's orientation towards Europe. "I believe the Serbs, and in particular young Serbs, want to be part of Europe, both culturally and politically. The problem are those in power, who belong to the older generation, and the curse of nationalism. Serbia can choose isolation and preserve its national myths or look to the West and Europe. ... Of course, the song contest is only a competition, but I believe Marija Serifovic sensed that the Serbs have chosen this path."

Aftonbladet - Sweden | 10/05/2007

Swedes want a climate-friendly EU

Opinion polls in Sweden show the highest favourable ratings for the EU since the country entered the Union in 1995. Tommy Svensson asks the formerly staunch EU-sceptics in Sweden have changed their minds. "Maybe there's a connection between the climate debate and increased support for the EU. Because if the Swedes are asked what the EU should fight for, everyone mentions a survey by Synovate Temo about the environment. Swedes increasingly feel themselves to be part of the EU, and the fight against climate change might just become the cement that binds Europeans together in the future, since the original peace motivations are receding into the past."

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