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Sustrova, Petruska

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 15/08/2006

The battle against human trafficking

Commentator Petruska Sustrova describes the approximately 200,000 people who have left countries like Ukraine, Moldavia, Russia, China and Vietnam to work illegally in the Czech Republic as "modern-day slaves," working for salaries way below the Czech average. "On the one hand there are the employers who make them work under terrible conditions, and then there are those who smuggle them into the Czech Republic and then blackmail them," Sustrova writes, describing the fate of immigrant workers. A special police unit was set up in April to deal with the problem of forced labour. "It's good that the Czech police force is taking action and has set up this new department, but it's sad that this was only done under pressure from the EU. If it had been up to us, we would have gone on being completely indifferent to the fate of these people, who are being extorted."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 07/07/2006

Czech Prime Minister takes sides with his Slovak colleague

Despite the European Parliament's growing discontent with Slovak Prime Minster Robert Fico's nationalist, extreme right coalition partner, Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek has demonstratively taken up his cause. Paroubek intends to speak out on Fico's behalf in an open letter to Europe's Socialists and Social Democrats, who are demanding the Smer party's expulsion from the European Social Democrat Party. Petruska Sustrova suspects that Paroubek's stance is not entirely selfless but motivated by his own ambitions in Prague. "Paroubek wants to serve another term as Prime Minister, and it's the communists who are best positioned to help him achieve his goal. Should this be the case, it's quite possible that members of the European Parliament will start levying accusations at Paroubek's Czech Social Democrats. He's taking precautions against this."

Kulturní týdeník A2 - Czech Republic | 19/05/2006

State funding for films in the Czech Republic

Czech President Vaclav Klaus says his country's film industry does not need more funding and has vetoed a law amendment aimed at increasing funding. Petruska Sustrova says she can't understand his point of view: "If the film industry was just about making money, as Klaus claims, then only commercial films would be made. But state funding is being used to make films for a discerning audience - films that don't make big bucks, but that enrich our society. Artistically valuable films could be the Czech Republic's visiting card in other countries - as Czechoslovakia's New Wave films were back in the 1960s. These films can't be compared with Hollywood productions, which are simply aimed at generating large audiences, but today they are legendary."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 20/02/2006

The trial against David Irving

The trial against British historian David Irving, who denies the Holocaust, begins in Vienna today. Irving, who has been in custody since November 2005, must now answer for the lectures he gave 17 years ago in Austria. Petruska Sustrova thinks it likely he will retract his theories to avoid serving a 10-year prison sentence. She also points to the continuing success of Irving's publications in the Czech Republic. "The affair is of even greater interest to us because nine of Irving's books have been published here. The book 'Hitler's War', in which he attempts to prove that Hitler knew nothing of the Holocaust and certainly didn't orchestrate it, is even is even in its third edition. Unlike the controversy about the publishing of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf', nobody seems to be bothered in the slightest by this. The publishers publish, the readers buy and read the books – and nobody demands that Irving's books contain a foreword or a commentary explaining what kind of a 'historian' the book was written by."

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