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Surgos, Miloslav

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Pravda - Slovakia | 25/07/2008

It's Americans who are voting

The left-wing liberal newspaper Pravda thinks European enthusiasm for Barack Obama will have little impact on US voters: "If the US elections were taking place in Europe, we would not have to wait till November to find out the name of the winner. But even on the old continent Obama is primarily addressing the Americans. He wants to emphasise his good relations with Europe so as to silence his critics at home who call him a foreign policy novice. ... In the states he has visited in Europe Obama is way ahead of his rival McCain in the popularity stakes. But the Americans could not care less what the Germans or the French think of their candidate."

Pravda - Slovakia | 31/03/2008

Should Wilders be censored?

Miloslav Surgos has mixed feelings about Wilders' film. "Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental freedoms of Western civilisation. But there's a problem. This film is not about freedom of expression. ... The author creates tensions between the West and Muslims while acting solely in his own interest. He is deliberately provocative and constantly pushing against legal limits. This increases his political popularity. Moreover, he has rather unfortunate opinions on the freedom of others, repeatedly proposing banning the Koran in the Netherlands."

Pravda - Slovakia | 11/01/2006

Iran's Nuclear Programme

According to Miloslav Surgos, Iran is mocking Europe with its decision to restart its nuclear programme. "Via Wolfgang Schüssel, its current president, the EU has warned Iran that it may impose sanctions. However such threats will be met with nothing but laughter in Tehran, which sees them as an expression of weakness. When the relatively harmless Jörg Haider came to power, the EU reacted quickly and with excessively harsh measures. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad poses a far greater threat than Haider, but the Union just keeps on giving warning after warning. Warnings must be followed by action."

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