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Supova, Tereza

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 23/01/2007

What path will Serbia take after the elections?

Tereza Supova believes that for strategic reasons, the EU is giving up its reserved behaviour toward Serbia: "Europe wants to do something good for Serbia, because it is clear that Belgrade will lose something in the coming months - the province of Kosovo. It is pretty clear that Kosovo will become independent. It would be unjust for the sorely afflicted country if it had to lose both Kosovo and its European outlook. The question remains as to whether the 'consolation of Europe' is a good enough substitute for the loss of a region that Serbia considers the cradle of its nation."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 10/03/2006

Ostalgia in Eastern Europe

"Sixteen years after the change in regimes, a certain  nostalgia can be detected in the countries of Eastern Europe", writes Tereza Supova about a recent survey conducted by a Hungarian institute in eleven post-communist states. "Most people rated the different political systems according to their economic performance and standard of living. Of all the countries included in the survey, Slovakia was the one in which communism has the widest support – 31 percent. At the other end of the scale, the new system found most support in the Czech Republic, where approval stands at 52 percent. Supova quotes an anonymous Slovakian sociologist as saying: "The Slovaks' memories of the old times aren't so bad. Now they're struggling through tough reforms. They argue that although there were fewer brands of yoghurt in the stores back then, at least they had social security – something that is now lacking."

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