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Subotic, Malgorzata

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 20/09/2006

Poland's government coalition in jeopardy

A row about the deployment of around 1,000 soldiers to Afghanistan threatens to split up the right-wing populist coalition which has governed Poland since May. Samoobrona (Self Defence), the radical farmers' party led by Deputy Prime Minister Andrzej Lepper, opposes the military initiative and has brought up the subject of new elections on November 26. Malgorzata Subotic analyses the situation: "Up to now only PiS politicians had talked about new elections, but now Andrzej Lepper is broaching the subject as well... Lepper has realised that Jaroslaw Kaczynski's great project - the formation of a major national Catholic party - could soon become reality. The LPR (League of Polish Families) no longer functions independently, and its leader Roman Giertych has become a puppet of the PiS... Everything other than the Civic Platform party or the post-communist left is falling under the sway of the PiS. Lepper is simply afraid his party could also be swallowed up by the PiS."

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