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Strzelecka, Marta

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 23/07/2007

A code of conduct for the Internet?

In an interview with Marta Strzelecka, sociologist Andrzej Szpociński of Warsaw's Collegium Civitas calls for a debate about the decline of good manners in Internet forums. "Initially, prosperous people used the Internet, but since status stopped mattering the composition of this community has changed. Now people with certain psychological traits take part in the discussions. Some of them have the need to participate in political life. This life is frustrating, so they try to find a vent for their emotions. ... One could say it would be a good thing if people were properly educated before they were allowed to use the Internet. Naturally, this is impossible. But we must try to teach them certain things. ... We must start talking and writing about pig-headedness, impertinence and stupidity on the Internet. We must ridicule and make fun of these flaws."

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