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Strautiņš, Pēteris

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1.  lr - Latvia | 11/04/2011

Latvia not to blame for higher inflation

Latvia's consumer price index rose by 4.2 percent in March. That's no reason to fly off in all directions, writes the daily Ir: "The major ... » more

2.  Diena - Latvia | 26/02/2007

The threat of an OPEC-style gas cartel

Russia's gas exports have gone down for the first time since 2001. Peteris Strautins explains that they are expected to sink by a further two ... » more

3.  Diena - Latvia | 19/12/2006

The row over Lattelecom

The Latvian government currently owns a 51 percent stake in Lattelecom, the former Latvian landline network monopoly, while the Swedish-Finnish company TeliaSonera holds the remaining ... » more

4.  Diena - Latvia | 15/12/2006

Latvia's sugar industry in danger

The sugar production quotas stipulated by the EU threaten to bring about the demise of Latvia's once thriving sugar industry. Peteris Strautins criticises the government's handling ... » more

5.  Diena - Latvia | 16/10/2006

Latvia as a Northern European state?

According to Peteris Strautins, Toomas Hendrik Ilves's visit to Latvia is aimed at healing old wounds. Strautins says those wounds were inflicted eight years ago ... » more

6.  Diena - Latvia | 29/09/2006

The lack of a common EU policy against Belarus

The EU grants a number of states trading privileges as part of its development aid programme. If one of these countries violates human rights, the ... » more

7.  Diena - Latvia | 13/09/2006

Higher minimum wage for Latvia

The Latvian government has decided to raise minimum wage from 130 to 170 euros per month. Peteris Strautins sees this as a sensible move and ... » more

8.  Diena - Latvia | 09/08/2006

The global freedom index

Latvia ranks twentieth in the "State of World Liberty Index", the product of joint research by several institutes and international NGOs on economic and personal ... » more

9.  Diena - Latvia | 03/07/2006

Latvia tightens its anti-smoking laws

On July 1, Latvia tightened its already strict anti-smoking laws. Peteris Strautins sees this as evidence of a global trend, but also as a feature ... » more

10.  Diena - Latvia | 31/05/2006

The sale of oil company Mazeikiu nafta

In 1999, Lithuania sold its natural gas company Mazeikiu nafta (MN) to the American firm Williams, which then got the company into debt. In 2002 ... » more


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