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Strauss-Kahn, Dominique

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Financial Times Deutschland - Germany | 27/05/2008

Exploiting the potential of the euro

Dominque Strauss-Kahn, director of the International Monetary Fund, recommends "making full use of the opportunities provided by the common currency. ... Ten years after the euro's introduction, the Eurozone club still attracts potential members. This is the strongest indicator for the currency's ... sustained success. Nevertheless, more needs to be done to fulfill the promise of the euro. ... The supervisory and crisis management buck continues to be passed among member states." Apart from necessary labour market and fiscal policy reforms, Strauss-Kahn writes, "the Eurozone states should react with a single voice to matters of international policy. ... Within the Eurozone, the European Central Bank has become a pillar of the European system. I would welcome a strengthening of the Euro-group comprised of the Eurozone finance ministers. ... Ten years after the introduction of the euro, we should not only celebrate its first successes, but also reflect on how we can make full use of its potential."

Le Monde - France | 06/02/2007

The European Constitution debate

The former French minister of finance, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, considers that France should take-part in the European debate once again, having dropped it after the failure of the referendum on the constitution in May, 2005. "Without France, the meeting in Madrid [on January 26th, the 18 EU members who have already ratified the Constitutional Treaty gathered in the Spanish capital] is a disastrous precedent. Will we allow Germany to think that it should turn to other privileged states in order to advance? Will we let Spain believe that its neighbour north of the Pyrenees is faltering? Will we let Italy, who we brought with us into the euro zone, think that nothing else worthwhile is really likely to come from Paris? It is high time for France to speak up. This is as much about re-establishing French confidence in the march of the Union as about letting our partners know that France has a game plan for the future of Europe, that it intends to discuss, negotiate and share with deserved confidence in its European partners, but also with the demands imposed by the expectancy of the French people."

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