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Stone, Norman

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Die Welt - Germany | 09/05/2006

Norman Stone on minority rights

British historian Norman Stone, who lives in Ankara, talks about the protection of minorities in Turkey in an interview with Boris Kalnoky. "I'm a Scot and I believe that children should be freed from the constraints of minority languages. If we had had the Copenhagen Criteria to protect the Gaelic language back in 1707, when Scotland and England were united, I would have become a national poet – very drunk and with ten people for an audience. So when I hear people preaching about minority rights in a country like this – the very existence of which is a miracle – I get really angry. Most of them aren't even aware that Turkey is the only country between Athens and Singapore where refugees are a problem. People want to get out of all the other countries in the region, but they want to get in to Turkey."

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