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Stoere, Jonas Gahr

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 21/05/2010

Jonas Gahr Støre on the high handedness of the G-20

In a commentary for the conservative Neue Zürcher Zeitung the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre launches an attack on the G-20: "It is not an elected body; it is a self-appointed group, established without the consent of other nations. A number of countries that have been central to international cooperation in the past - including Norway and the Nordic countries - are excluded from direct membership. Low-income countries and the continent of Africa are almost entirely without representation. ... We are no longer living in the 19th century. The spirit of the Congress of Vienna has no place in the contemporary international community. If the G-20 cooperation should effectively result in decisions being imposed on the great majority of other countries, it will quickly find itself stymied. The house of global governance cannot stand if it is divided against itself."

El País - Spain | 10/05/2006

Norway's management of its oil riches

Jonas Gahr Stoere, the Norwegian foreign affairs minister, explains in an interview with Luis Prado how his country, the world's thrid-largest oil exporter, has been able to manage this wealth. "When we discovered oil during the 1970s, Norway was a very solid democracy, with strong institutions. There was no corruption and we had a political consensus as to how to the profits should be shared. It was clear that the resources belonged to the people and that the State managed them for the good of the population. It was a very good starting point. Today, there are rich people in Norway, but no one has become a multimillionaire thanks to oil. The State remains the owner of gas and oil..."

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