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Stöckel, Frens

Stöckel, Frens

Frens Stöckel is a political scientist currently employed as a journalist and editor. His focus is on topics surrounding issues of European integration, foreign policy and security policy. Stöckel completed his doctorate in 2006 on the topic of pan-European security cooperation and the promotion of democracy within the framework of the EU, NATO, and the OSCE. In 2002-2003, he was Research Fellow at the OSCE, where he also works as an election observer.

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The author has so far published 2 articles on euro|topics.

1.  Background | 07/02/2007

The European Development of the Free Movement of Workers

Free movement of workers is one of the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by European Union law. For new member nations, this right often does not come into effect fully until some years after entry. Here, a retrospective survey of these developments. » more

2.  Background | 31/01/2007

An Overview of the Evolution and the Future of European Integration

Beginning with only six countries in 1951, the European Union now numbers twenty-seven nations. Who actually joined when? A look at the development of the EU.
» more

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