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Stier, Gábor

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1.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 15/01/2014

Hungary benefits from Russian nuclear reactors

During a visit to Moscow Prime Minister Viktor Orbán concluded agreements on the construction of two Russian reactor blocks at Hungary's only nuclear power plant ... » more

2.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 31/12/2013

Attacks bring Putin and the West together

At least 34 people died and dozens were injured in two terrorist attacks in the southern Russian city of Volgograd shortly before the turn of ... » more

3.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 30/10/2012

Yanukovych consolidates his legitimacy

The Party of Regions under President Viktor Yanukovych has emerged the winner of Ukraine's parliamentary elections. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet lauds Yanukovych for having ... » more

4.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 24/09/2012

Sanctions against Ukraine counterproductive

On Saturday, the US Senate has threatened the Ukrainian government led by Viktor Yanukovych with political sanctions in reaction to the imprisonment of opposition politician ... » more

5.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 20/06/2012

World can get along without superpower US

Against the backdrop of the G20 summit in Mexico the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet writes that a new world order is in the making in ... » more

6.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 02/04/2012

Doubts over European civic initiative

As of April 1 EU citizens can call on the EU Commission to introduce a draft bill to Parliament, provided one million people from at ... » more

7.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 18/01/2012

Brussels' lectures strengthen far right

The three treaty violation proceedings against Hungary above all strengthen the right-wing extremists, writes the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet: "The mutual accusations cannot go on ... » more

8.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 05/01/2012

Hungary must see its own mistakes

In view of the international condemnation of Hungary's domestic policy the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet warns the government not to lose itself in conspiracy theories: ... » more

9.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 11/10/2011

A guarantor of stability

In re-electing Donald Tusk and his Civic Platform (PO) the Poles have opted for stability and continuity, writes the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet: "In times ... » more

10.  Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 21/08/2010

Liberals accept deportation of Roma

The deportations of Eastern European Roma from France would have triggered a storm of protest throughout Europe just a decade ago, writes the conservative daily ... » more


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