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Stiegler, Bernard

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Le Soir - Belgium | 05/03/2007

Bernard Stiegler wants cultural industries to be given a new role

The French philosopher Bernard Stiegler will be taking part in the conference 'Desire and cultural diversity' that will be held in Ixelles this week. He answers the questions of William Bourton. "We face huge problems today: demographic growth, increasing pollution, the depletion of natural resources... ... The only way for the situation to be straightened out is to increase collective intelligence. This will therefore entail an intelligent industrial policy, which means culture. For a century, cultural industries have been used for marketing and selling off products; Now they should be used to slow down consumerism and adopt new kinds of intelligent behaviour."

Libération - France | 17/02/2006

The future of typography

A group of writers and professors express their alarm at the dispersal of the heritage of the National Printing House and, in particular, its type library. "France boasts a real treasure, but has no idea what to do with it! We regard it merely as a treasure of the past, while it is actually our future that is at stake here. Typography is about a lot more than just printers ... Our screens are legible thanks to typography, and typographic knowledge is necessary for anyone who wants to successfully create a Web page. Multilingual Internet mail services (even via Unicode) are all about typographic encoding. ... In the absence of an ambitious plan, what fate might befall this heritage? We would witness collections of printing stamps and matrices dating back four centuries, being dispersed among European Printing Museums."

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