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Stephens, Philip

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1.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 29/04/2015

House of Commons stalemate no big deal

Despite British election laws which favour a clear majority in parliament, according to the opinion polls there will be no clear winner in the British ... » more

2.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 06/02/2014

England benefits from union with Scotland

In a speech to be delivered today, British Prime Minister David Cameron will call on the Scots to vote against Scotland's independence in the referendum ... » more

3.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 03/10/2013

Major British parties abandon the centre

The British Conservative and Labour parties have redefined their political goals at party conferences in the past weeks. The Tory leadership is increasingly adopting a ... » more

4.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 07/08/2013

Snowden is the least of Russia's problems

In view of Putin's policies, Obama was perfectly right to cancel the summit meeting, the conservative daily The Financial Times writes: "There is nothing good ... » more

5.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 03/06/2013

Modern Turkey wants a modern democracy

Erdoğan's reaction shows that his critics' demands are justified, the conservative daily Financial Times believes: "Alongside the heavy-handed response of teargas-firing police, the prime minister ... » more

6.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 11/09/2007

The case against referendums

Columnist Philip Stephens sees parallels between today's debate on a possible UK referendum on the EU revised treaty and debate in 1975's UK Parliament on ... » more

7.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 06/07/2007

The "War on Terror" needs a change in vocabulary

Philip Stephens, a columnist for the daily, analyses the strategy behind the Gordon Brown government's change to the vocabulary used by Tony Blair. "Britain's new ... » more

8.  Financial Times - United Kingdom | 15/09/2006

Philip Stephens and the paradoxal sense of insecurity

Commentator Philip Stephens ponders the implications of a recent analysis that reveals that there are many fewer wars in the world now than at any ... » more


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