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Stenstedt, Olaf

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Magyar Narancs - Hungary | 08/06/2006

Public TV stations' independence at risk

In an interview with Zsolt Bogar, Olaf Steenfadt, head consultant for programming at Hungary's public broadcaster MTV and a former ZDF employee, says the Hungarian government is constantly manipulating the station. "The state's most effective instrument for exerting political influence on the station is to keep it on the brink of bankruptcy… Politicians often make phone calls to give us instructions. Here, too, 'preventive obedience' pays, which means that the state exerts its influence even before politicians reach for the phone. The same thing happens at ZDF [in Germany] and the BBC [in Great Britain], but in those countries such attempts at state control tend to only get as far as the bosses, who are in a position to counter them. In Hungary, the editors themselves are constantly bombarded with calls. They risk losing their jobs if they don't obey.”

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