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Steiner, Eduard

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Die Presse - Austria | 17/07/2009

Unsolved murders

Natalya Esterimova is the latest victim in a whole series of murders of human rights activists in Russia, most of which remained unsolved, the daily Die Presse writes: "The Russian judiciary is sensitive to light. This aggression against any form of transparency could be a reason why dozens of murders of journalists and human rights activists remain unsolved. Above all the brains behind the murders and those who ordered them remain in the dark. This was the case with the murder of [the journalist Anna] Politkovskaya, where the public prosecutor was in a hurry to close the case against accomplices, even though it is still not known who ordered the murder. And this is also what happened in the case of [the journalist] Paul Khlebnikov, where not only those who ordered the murder but those who carried it out are still at large. ... This tradition does not bode well for the case of Chechen human rights activist Natalya Estemirova."

Der Standard - Austria | 29/05/2007

The murky power struggle in Ukraine

According to Eduard Steiner, the fact that a date for new elections has now been fixed will only bring a "temporary de-escalation" of the situation in Ukraine as "the causes of the instability" have not yet been addressed. "He says the only solution can be for Ukraine to look to the West, pointing out that not only Yushchenko but also Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich now want closer ties or even intergration into the EU - although the latter envisages a slower approach and without the NATO option. In particular the financiers of the country's heavy industry sector see their future in cooperation with the West, especially as they fear being swallowed up by their far more powerful brothers of the Russian oligarchy. However, the EU's offer of aid to Ukraine was and still is meagre. This is why leading Ukrainian politicians have come to see the decision to hold the UEFA Cup games in Poland and Ukraine as the best the Europeans can do for Ukraine."

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