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Stefek, Jiri

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Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 25/04/2006

Compulsory voting for the Czech Republic

According to recent surveys, only around half of those entitled to vote will actually cast their ballot in the Czech Republic's upcoming parliamentary elections. Seeing this, Jiri Stefek calls for the government to introduce compulsory voting. "Making people vote is not necessarily a restricting, totalitarian practice. Belgians, Luxembourgers and Greeks are obliged to vote by law. Are these restrcited countries? Definitely not. What can compulsory voting do for us? Well, it would certainly mean a lower percentage of the votes would go to the Communists and Civic Democrats, whose supporters are very loyal and disciplined. On the other hand, some new parties would probably get into parliament. And there's no question that at least a parliament elected this way would reflect the actual political situation in the country."

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