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Stefanov, Vladimir

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Sega - Bulgaria | 04/05/2007

Walidmir Stefanow on Turkey as a showcase for secular Islam

Bulgarian scholar Wladimir Stefanow comments on the latest political events in Turkey. "The current Turkish prime minister underestimates an important, specific moment in the history of the Kemalist model. This model was designed to be copied in the east, but at the same time it draws its strength from the west. It's questionable whether and when Turkey could join the European Union, but without a doubt the country remains a 'showcase for secular Islam' and thus a paradigm emulated by many in the Islamic world. Erdogan seems not to consider what the impact is on the many branches of the 'Muslim Brotherhood' in the Islamic world, if even the leader of the Turkish state, with his key position, belongs to their party. The post-Kemalist game has to be played with a certain consistency, because anyone who acts without thinking will quickly disappear from the political stage."

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