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Stefancic, Marcel

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Mladina - Slovenia | 28/12/2012

Slovenians believe in democracy once more

2012 was the year when the Slovenian people came alive again, the left-leaning weekly Mladina writes, as the wave of protest at the end of the year showed that people are once more taking an interest in public life: "The streets are full of people who like to protest and rebel. They enjoy rubbing shoulders, their own self-assurance and the potentials of democracy. They take joy in their banners, their demands, their activities, their initiatives and the liveliness of their civic actions. These are people who like to be counted among the distrustful and to take part in a 'citizens' meeting'. ... They enjoy being more fun-loving than the political elite, and can imagine that this very fact has done much to dampen that elite's good humour. ... The protesters' message is clear: we're fed up with a political elite for whom the future, new alternatives and everything that's not an idealised version of what already exists can only spell disaster."

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