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Steels, Emmanuelle

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Le Soir - Belgium | 06/06/2007

The shadow of Basque terrorism is back in Spain

Emmanuelle Steels wonders what strategy the Spanish government should adopt. "The new scenario that Zapatero is being offered is unambiguous: an ETA that takes up arms can no longer be controlled by mere policing. He has indeed lost his bet on peace, but only the hard right of the Popular Party still dares to blame him for trying. The socialist leader has not however ruled out calling early general elections in the autumn, to avoid electoral erosion while polls remain in his favour. The announcement made by the ETA also represents a blow for Batasuna [the separatist movement's political arm], which, for three years, has been counting on dialogue, criticising, always through innuendo, the violent strategy of the military leaders of the organisation."

Le Soir - Belgium | 05/01/2006

European hours wreak havoc with Spanish siesta

"The moment has come to set our watches to European time: this is the fashionable New Years resolution for Spain in 2006. The first casualty of this European-calibrated timekeeping: the siesta of civil servants who, since January 2, have seen their noonday pause shortened from two or three hours, to one hour. (...) The myth of the salutary siesta, the regenerating catnap that supposedly enables Spaniards to keep going at a frenzied rhythm until late into the night, is crumbling. In reality, there are very few people who actually use the siesta to have a snooze. The worker spends a lot of siesta time in transit going home to share a meal with his family, before doing the same commute in reverse in order to be back at his desk by around 5pm."

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