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Staun, Jørgen

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Berlingske - Denmark | 21/03/2006

Belarus following the elections

The opposition in Belarus aren't capable of forcing President Lukashenko out of power alone, therefore it's essential to increase the external pressure on the regime, Jorgen Staun demands. "The EU has already imposed limited sanctions against Lukashenko's regime. The country has been excluded from the programme for EU neighbouring countries and a number of Lukashenko's close associates are not allowed to enter the EU. However, these sanctions have proved largely ineffective. In fact, the West's harsh but empty rhetoric against Lukashenko's regime appears to be having the opposite effect. The regime is profiting from its isolation. Lukashenko is likely to remain in power until the West finally decides to put pressure on Moscow which, with its cheap oil and gas supplies, holds the key to Lukashenko's political survival."

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