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Stasiak, Piotr

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Polityka Online - Poland | 11/05/2011

Microsoft recognises sign of the times

The purchase of the Internet telephone service Skype makes sense for Microsoft for two reasons in particular, writes the online edition of the news magazine Polityka: "Firstly because Skype has a huge customer base and benefits from extensive trust on the part of its users. Microsoft senses that its position in the new digital economy is slowly weakening. ... And secondly because Microsoft has finally recognised the trend that all communication is shifting to the Internet. Businesses that now offer telephone connections will slowly disappear into the commercial void. ... The only question is whether Skype will maintain the high quality of its services and the good will of its customers once it's been integrated into the structures of a huge mega-company."

Polityka Online - Poland | 21/01/2011

Time to sex-up Google again

In a surprise move the US Internet company Google on Thursday named co-founder Larry Page as its new CEO. Page takes over on April 1 from 46-year-old Eric Schmidt, who stays on as Executive Chairman. The change in management is really not all that surprising even if the company is still doing well financially, writes the online edition of the news magazine Polityka: "Competition never stops growing in the Internet sector. And the unfortunate fact is that there's no getting around re-assessing things like basic orientation. That will be possible with the charismatic CEO Larry Page, who is well-loved by the media. The elderly head of business Eric Schmidt, by contrast, who always had his head sunk deep in Excel tables and hated the media into the bargain, gradually began to come across like a dinosaur. Why beat around in the bush? Just a few years ago the darling of the media world with hundreds of media stories on its colourful headquarters, Google was starting to evolve into a sedate giant. It stopped being sexy."

Polityka - Poland | 31/01/2007

Slovenia's advantages over Poland in the euro debate

Piotr Stasiak sees Slovenia as the EU's "model pupil", among other things owing to an "unusually high degree of consensus among its political parties regarding the introduction of the euro". This is one of the main differences between Poland and Slovenia, Stasiak reports from Ljubljana. "Polish politicians not only lack determination, but also the conviction that introducing the euro quickly is worthwhile (we officially agreed to do so when the country joined the EU). Although the number of those who oppose the introduction of the euro in Poland is similar to that in Slovenia (around 20 percent of the population), the opponents have a much higher media profile. Up to now, the social debate on this subject has centred on fears about price increases. However, it has to be said that unlike Polish politicians, Slovenian politicians were not forced to make certain unpopular decisions... They don't have any steelworks, mines, shipyards or farms that need subsidising."

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