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Stark, Tamás

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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 03/12/2012

Jobbik betrays Hungarian values

Thousands of people demonstrated in Budapest on Sunday under the slogan "Mass protest against Nazism". The rally, organised mainly by Jewish groups, was directed against the anti-Semitic remarks of a parliamentarian of the right-wing extremist Jobbik party. Jobbik is betraying Hungary's values, notes Tamás Stark, a historian at the Budapest House of Terror museum, in the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet: "This party opposes everything Hungarian statesmen have fought for over centuries. Since the Middle Ages the country's decision makers have regarded Hungary as a bastion of the West. … At the time of the fall of communism it was the natural goal of the country to return to Europe and the European-Atlantic alliance system. … With its shrill rejection of the US and the EU, Jobbik is defying a centuries-old tradition. And the anti-Semitism of the party also stands in stark contrast to the Hungarian national ideals."

hvg - Hungary | 11/10/2007

Slovakia's fears concerning Schengen

"The legal reinforcement of the Beneš decrees [in Slovakia] cannot go without comment," Hungarian historian Tamás Stark asserts in an interview with János Dobszay on the current dispute between Hungary and Slovakia: "But Hungary must recognise that it is dealing with a young state that has only recently discovered its national identity. The Slovaks' attitude conceals the fear that the expansion of the Schengen border will blur the border between Hungary and Slovakia, and thus initiate the 'historical reconciliation' and reunification of the Hungarian nation. Although the borders won't de facto disappear, the mere thought makes Slovaks shudder. For this reason I don't believe we'll witness a reconciliation in the near future. We must wait until the tumultuous emotions that accompany the early stages of the formation of a nation have been worked off. We must be very sympathetic towards Slovakia."

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