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Stanosz, Barbara

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Przegląd - Poland | 11/09/2006

Barbara Stanosz on the ideology of Polish Catholicism

Warsaw-based philosopher Barbara Stanosz explains in an interview with Przemyslaw Szubartowicz how she doesn't feel much more comfortable in today's Poland than in the Poland of the communist era. "Firstly you have the social situation. Poverty is not as widespread as back then, but it's more humiliating and intense because it's passed on to the next generation. Secondly, we're being told once more that there is just 'one correct' ideology. The Catholic Church with all its disadvantages – cult worship of authority and ideological leaders, methods of indoctrination, and discrimination against those who do not adhere to it – has taken the place of the 'scientific view of the world'. Nowadays pure police methods are used less frequently to oppress those who don't conform, but the way these people are isolated or marginalised by society is similar to how it was back then."

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