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Stankiewicz, Andrzej

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 24/03/2014

European elections: fears of war exploited for campaign in Poland

Just under two months before the European elections, the conservative Polish governing party PO and the national-conservative opposition party PiS have put the Ukraine crisis at the centre of their campaigns. But playing with fears of war is not only taboo, it's also senseless, the conservative daily Rzcezpospolita criticises: "Prime Minister Tusk has said that these elections will determine whether Europe continues to exist. In a similar vein, [PiS Chairman] Kaczyński said on Saturday that failing a change of government, Poland will be neither secure nor strong. ... This breaks a taboo in Polish politics: the topic of 'armed conflict' has become the central theme of the battle between the two largest parties. Unfortunately, that means fuelling fears of war will dominate the election campaign. In this context, the two parties are presenting their ideas on how peace can be maintained. And yet both Tusk and Kaczyński know that Poland's security doesn't depend on these elections, but on Nato and the EU."

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