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Staniszkis, Jadwiga

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Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 19/02/2009

Conversion to the euro is a first important step

Sociologist Jadwiga Staniszkis comments in the daily Dziennik on the plans of the Polish government to introduce the euro. She believes this would be a step in the right direction in the present crisis: "Although the state of the Polish economy is worrying there's no need to sound the alarm yet. I believe that the cautious deliberations of the government on bringing the European currency directly onto the market are a first step in the right direction in the present situation. It is sufficiently cautious and not driven by panic. The commentaries in the West that deal with the situation in Poland differ in tone: The Economist has stressed that the crisis is not being caused by our economy but is connected to external factors. And moreover we are not receiving the support of international banks that behave unfairly in matters of loans. They apply different standards which in our case are much more rigorous."

Polska - Poland | 03/11/2008

The crisis as an opportunity

In the daily Polska, Polish sociologist Jadwiga Staniszkis casts the financial crisis as an opportunity for Poland: "The crisis not only will not destroy Poland's chances of modernising, it could actually provide the opportunity for this change. Naturally this depends on the strategy used to face the crisis. In the moment a crisis emerges, for example, it may be that what had previously been perceived as a setback turns out to be a valuable reserve. Take a look at the Chinese: because of the crisis they have started a series of reforms that will facilitate the trading of rights for the use of land and property. This means that all of a sudden over 730 million potential borrowers are on the market. That gives the economy a tremendous boost. And here in Poland the crisis has created a situation in which it is easier to push through difficult and hitherto unpopular social reforms - I'm thinking here of interim pensions ... and also the conversion from the zloty to the euro."

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 25/02/2007

Environmental debate in Poland

A dispute over the construction of a motorway which cuts right through the Rospuda Valley nature reserve is currently the most important subject of debate in Polish domestic policy. Despite continuous protests from environmentalists and criticism from the EU, which designated the region a protected area under its "Natura 2000" programme, the Polish government plans to go ahead with its plans for building the Augustow bypass that will constitute the Polish part of the Via Baltica motorway. Sociologist Jadwiga Staniszkis comments: "All the problems in Polish public life are reflected in the discussion about the Rospuda valley. Instead of both sides working together to find a solution, for the one side the problem has become a symbol of the struggle against the government and for the other - especially Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski - a matter of status. People are tired of seeing words contradicted by deeds and the government insists on its power to have the final say, which means that genuine social problems remain unresolved."

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