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Standish, Alex

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Knack - Belgium | 17/08/2006

Alex Standish on the Islamist remake of 1968

In an intervew to the Flemish weekly, Alex Standish, editor of the respected 'Jane's Intelligence Digest', draws a parallel between the protest movements of 1968 and today's Islamist movement. "I don't know if there are more terrorists trained in Europe than before. What is certain is that Europe has a problem and the United Kingdom more than most because of its ties to America. Furthermore, some very bitter young men believe their terrorist acts are just. A parallel can be drawn with 1968. A youth protest movement against government policy took place, under banners like the Vietnam War. It was a European problem that was particularly strong in France. Young people were angry, they rose up against politics and thought only of direct action. A minority even went one step further, engaging in terrorist action and Marxist movements like the Baadher-Meinhof group ... What we are seeing today might be an Islamist remake of 1968."

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