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Stackl, Erhard

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Der Standard - Austria | 12/08/2008

Lots of winners, lots of losers

According to Der Standard newspaper a major political confrontation is looming in Bolivia: "Bolivia's left-wing president Evo Morales wanted to clarify the situation. The referendum was to decide whether he himself and the far-right leaders of four provinces that had rebelled against him should stay in office. Now both sides have won and it seems likely that the conflict will escalate. ... Morales ... appears ... to regard an election victory as authorisation to completely reform the country. The goal of eradicating poverty is commendable, but it is a sign of lacking realism when a president provokes the hostility of a large proportion of the population instead of seeking a compromise. In countries like Bolivia the army is always prepared to step in as highest authority when a compromise is not reached."

Der Standard - Austria | 03/05/2007

The appeal of nationalism in Scotland

According to Erhard Stackl, Tony Blair's warning that the nationalist "reactionaries" would bring about a decline in the Scottish economy is exaggerated. "Anyone who has seen how heartily Pakistani businessmen greet SNP leader Alex Salmond on Glasgow's streets would have difficulty understanding why the SNP has been labelled a pack of dim-witted, xenophobic kilt-wearers. The party's socio-political left-of-Labour platform and its plans for a tax reform based on the Irish model which benefits business and investors just doesn't tally with Blair's distorted picture. A Europe held together by the EU in which Brussels stipulates the basic rules will promote the (relative) independence of regions, as well as the networking of the media society (as the theoretician Marshall McLuhan predicted several decades ago)."

Der Standard - Austria | 15/09/2006

Sweden votes

According to Erhard Stackl, the only interesting thing about the Swedish election campaign has been the ideological turn-about of the conservative-moderates: "The Moderates and their partners, who in previous election campaigns endorsed neo-liberal concepts against those of the state and for that reason failed, are now busily proclaiming their commitment to the social welfare state." Stackl also notes that the role of foreign affairs in the election campaign has been as insignificant as that of "the subject of nuclear power for the Swedes, who tend to be rather unemotional and not easily scared, despite the fact that there was a serious incident at the Forsmark nuclear power plant in July. According to the results of a recent survey, 53 percent of Swedes still want to keep their nuclear power plants."

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