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Spudich, Helmut

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Der Standard - Austria | 20/02/2008

Liechtenstein criticises German tax investigations

Helmut Spudich criticizes the procedures of German tax investigators. "Of course we have to fight hard against the systematic tax evasion - totalling millions of euros - of a highly paid clique (who prefer the term 'key personnel'). But to fight at any price? Even to the extent of procuring data whose release is illegal in other countries? Germans would probably be highly indignant if the CIA were to requisition Siemens data in Germany for the purposes of the US exchange supervisory authority. Remember, Europeans were certainly quite upset when the US secret service pored over SWIFT transactions via the European bank transfer centre, looking for signs of terrorist funding.  But there seems to be a certain satisfaction in the fact that the German Federal Intelligence Service has 'cracked a bank' in Liechtenstein (to quote an investigator)."

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