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Spillius, Alex

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The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 28/12/2006

The EU welcomes two more members

"Bulgarians argue that, with or without restrictions, they would not arrive in droves", notes the journalist Alex Spillius. "Most people who wanted to work abroad have already done so, they say. Gaining permission to work in Britain has not been that difficult, while citizens from both countries have enjoyed visa-free access to 26 other European nations, but not Britain, for the past five years. Romanians inclined to migrate look west to their fellow Latin nations Italy, Spain and Portugal. ... The tabloid vision of gipsies rolling their caravans on to cross-Channel ferries, meanwhile, simply doesn't add up. More than a million gipsies became EU citizens in 2004: there has been no invasion. Even before European membership, the Bulgarian and Romanian economies were improving. Driving into central Sofia, more charming spots emerge. Bars and restaurants are full of patriotic young people who say they don't want to leave home, at least not for long."

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