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Speckmann, Thomas

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 12/09/2007

A common European policy on Kosovo?

German political scientist Thomas Speckmann compares the international activities of the Europeans and the US and holds up the planned EU mission in Kosovo as an example. "According to the Ahtisaari plan for a 'supervised independence,' it is to take the place of the UN administration in Pristina. But even if Moscow does stop blocking this plan in the UN Security Council, there will still be a Serb-dominated region in northern Kosovo - as in Bosnia - that doesn't accept the sovereignty of a Kosovar central government... The bitter irony of it is that for decades to come the Europeans, so fond of stressing their moral superiority over the US when it comes to military intervention, will face in Kosovo the consequences of their 1999 war of aggression against Belgrade - which like the 2003 war in Iraq never received the authorisation of the UN Security Council in New York."

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