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Spaventa, Luigi

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La Repubblica - Italy | 17/06/2011

German blockade will be costly

Europe may end up paying a high price for Germany's stubborn stance, warns the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "The European Central Bank has told us very clearly why. If little Greece falls, Europe is in big trouble. If it becomes insolvent through bankruptcy (with defaults on repayments or restructuring) all Greece's securities will become worthless. ... In the end Europe is bound to intervene to save Greece - in the last minute amidst conflict and laments. This will reduce the efficacy of the bailout operation because the financial markets will continue to be plagued by doubts and the political cost will go up both for Greece and for what's left of Europe."

La Repubblica - Italy | 14/02/2007

Economic growth in Italy surpasses predictions

The Italian economy is experiencing a new lease on life and thus delighting Luigi Spaventa, Professor of economics at the University of Rome. Growth in 2006 attained 2 %. That is more than the 1.6 % predicted. "Economic growth in 2006 remains beneath that of Germany and Spain, but the gap has narrowed. It is above that of France ... . Our resurgence is certainly related to positive economic growth in Europe at large and Germany in particular, which seems to have regained its former vigour. But numerous signs seem to indicate that the long and belated process of reconstructing the Italian industry, and even some service sectors, are beginning to bear fruit. ... Freed, for the time being at least, from worrying about stagnation and balancing public spending, government and parliament now have an excellent opportunity to work well together".

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