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Spanek, Petr

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Kulturní týdeník A2 - Czech Republic | 11/04/2007

The Czechs and the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans

In a book published in Czech, Rudolf Schnitter, who was born in the region formerly known as Sudetenland, deals with the difficult chapter of the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans from post-war Czechoslovakia. Petr Spanek praises Schnitter's book "In Short, I'm a Sudetjak". "Schnitter's comments are a mixture of historical interpretation and his own experiences. He doesn't present any new facts, but he shows those already known in a new light. He reminds us that even today 70 percent of Czechs agree in principle with the expulsion. The only thing that bothers them is that the expulsion was not carried out humanely. 'Is there such a thing as a humane expulsion?', the author asks, and points out that it was mainly normal Czechs who took part in the expulsion... The book should not only be required reading in the 'Schluckenauer corner' where the author comes from. Perhaps the Edvard Benes Bridge in Usti nad Labem (German name: Aussig) will finally be renamed. This is the bridge from which in 1945 'normal Czechs' threw German women and children into the Elbe."

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