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Spachijski, Emil

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1.  Trud - Bulgaria | 01/09/2014

Brussels should steer clear of vacuum cleaners

A new EU regulation banning vacuum cleaners that have motors powered by more than 1,600 watts came into effect on September 1. The daily Trud ... » more

2.  Trud - Bulgaria | 21/08/2014

Bulgaria's demonstrators don't want to govern

The deadline for parties to register for Bulgaria's early parliamentary elections in October expired on Wednesday. In view of numerous demonstrations in Bulgaria that have ... » more

3.  Trud - Bulgaria | 13/03/2014

Bulgaria's reindustrialisation a fairy tale

In a survey carried out by the Bulgarian state television on Tuesday, over one third of respondents approved of the Socialist government's plans to revive abandoned factories ... » more

4.  Sega - Bulgaria | 12/01/2010

Bulgarians still live in the shadow of communism

For Bulgarians the most important date of the 20th century is September 9, 1944, the day the Red Army marched into Bulgaria. This is the ... » more

5.  Sega - Bulgaria | 03/11/2009

Clinton memorial pleases Kosovan prime minister

A memorial for former US President Bill Clinton was unveiled in a ceremony on Sunday in Pristina, capital of Kosovo. The daily Sega analyses the ... » more

6.  Sega - Bulgaria | 31/08/2009

Bulgaria's defence minister and his pink cars

Bulgaria's Defence Minister Nikolay Mladenov has come under fire for having two metallic pink official cars in the garage of his ministry. The BMWs were ... » more

7.  Sega - Bulgaria | 16/01/2009

New leaders in Bulgaria?

On Wednesday around 3,000 anti-government demonstrators, including many students, engaged in violent clashes with the police in front of the parliament buildings in Sofia, calling ... » more

8.  Sega - Bulgaria | 13/05/2008

Victory over nationalism

Emil Spacyski comments on the election victory of the pro-European forces: "Bulgaria is glad to see its neighbouring country turn its back on militant nationalism ... » more

9.  Sega - Bulgaria | 04/12/2007

Bulgaria doubts Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's liberalism

13 MPs belonging to the National Movement Simeon II (NMSS), which is a partner in Bulgaria's coalition government, have left their party. Their resignation came ... » more


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