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Sotvariene, Ramune

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Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 16/12/2009

Pensions remain low in Lithuania

Lithuanian pensioners have been demonstrating for several days in Vilnius for better living standards. The daily Lietuvos Rytas expresses understanding for their position and says society as a whole is to blame: "These old people are absolutely right, and we, the younger generation, are to blame because we can't manage to earn enough and pay enough tax to make the lives of our parents, the losers of the totalitarian era, at least a little more comfortable. ... Employees are entitled to a pension once they retire, but there is no fixed amount. It depends on the financial situation of the state. This is the way it has always been and this is how it always will be, and no amount of honey-tongued promises from the opposition will change this. The financial leeway is limited, also as a result of the fact that we don't work efficiently enough and are therefore not so competitive. The politicians should say this clearly so that people don't delude themselves and at least there's less lying."

Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 11/07/2007

Poland's doubts about the nuclear power plant project in Lithuania

Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski has cancelled his upcoming visit to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. He was to deliver a statement by the four states Lithuania, Poland, Estonia and Latvia for the joint construction of a nuclear power plant in Lithuania. Ramune Sotvariene wonders whether Warsaw now has its doubts about the project. "The situation in Poland is complicated. The doctors are on strike, nurses are demonstrating in front of the government buildings and the twins at the helm of the state are caught up in a dispute with the parliament... Faced with a complex situation like this on the domestic front the obvious strategy would be to emphasise their ambitions regarding the nuclear project. Lithuania is to hold 34 percent of the shares in the power station and Poland has repeatedly signalled that as a large state it wants more than the 22 percent that Latvia or Estonia are to have."

Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 08/03/2007

The image-conscious Estonians

Estonia's general elections were the first in which voters could cast their votes via the Internet. Ramune Sotvariene examines whether this would be viable in Lithuania. "The greatest danger is that the key principle of democratic elections, electoral freedom, could be violated. Casting your vote via the Internet is convenient and personalised, but in the end it's not controllable. It might have worked in Estonia, but in Lithuania there would be too many attempts to buy votes... Theoretically you can check whether several different people used the same computer to vote, but experience has shown that this is only theoretical. And is Estonia really such a corruption-free country ? Of course there's the same problem there. But our Baltic neighbours appear to be very much aware of what's important to them, and above all this means always having good things said about their country."

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