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Sottas, Eric

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Le Temps - Switzerland | 16/06/2006

The UN Human Rights Council's tough mission

Eric Sottas, the founder of the World Organisation against Torture, voices his concern in an interview with Richard Werly about the ability of the United Nations Human Rights Council to carry out its mission. The newly reformed body, based in Switzerland, is set to hold its inaugural session on June 19. "The question remains the same: will this new institution find a way, in practice, to impose its agenda and objectives on its 47 member states? And to do so at a time when the attitude of the countries themselves is changing. Most have understood that simply denying crimes no longer works. ... The defense of choice for countries that violate human rights now consists of bombarding their interlocutors - non-governmental organisations, UN agencies - with information. ... With a sole objective: to ensure that ongoing investigations get lost in a muddle of laws and commitments."

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