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Sostaric, Marjeta

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Delo - Slovenia | 25/08/2015

Protect Slovenia's food industry

Supermarket chains in Slovenia are putting more and more foreign products on their shelves. To prevent the local producers from being put out of business in the price war, both consumers and state must react, as the centre-left daily Delo explains: "As long as the situation doesn't change, a number of supermarkets will be able to cancel their orders from [local] suppliers from one day to the next. The latter, however, gear their entire production towards fixed contracts. The consumers will have to read the details on the packaging more attentively in future, particularly if they are convinced of the merits of the 'From your region' label. … They will have to be more resolute in demanding the products they want. And finally, the state [which stipulates that retailers must sell a certain percentage of local food products] must check on this more consistently."

Delo - Slovenia | 14/02/2006

Bird Flu

On Thursday a swan which had died of bird flu was found by passers-by in a suburb of Maribor, Slovenia's second-largest city, close to the Austrian border. "If Brussels hadn't made an announcement, the general public would probably not have learned that we have bird flu here in Slovenia," observes Marjeta Sostaric. "It's a good thing the EU's information channels function better than those in Slovenia lately. And it's a good thing that the veterinary authorities in Slovenia are obliged to report to Brussels, and are not concealing anything. It would be even better if people didn't try to keep things quiet here at home either."

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