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Soros, George

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1.  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | 23/10/2014

High time for Europe to stand by Ukraine, George Soros demands

Europe must finally take a more resolute stance in the Ukraine conflict, urges US investor George Soros in a commentary piece in the conservative daily ... » more

2.  Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | 01/06/2014

George Soros wants risk insurance for investors in Ukraine

To help Ukraine's economy the fiscal compact and other regulations that restrict government aid need to be changed, US investor George Soros writes in the ... » more

3.  Spiegel Online - Germany | 10/04/2013

George Soros sees eurobonds as the solution to the crisis

Europe needs eurobonds to overcome the crisis, the Hungarian-born US star investor George Soros writes: "The danger of default would disappear and so would the ... » more

4.  Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 20/09/2012

For George Soros Germany can leave the Eurozone

Germany can leave the euro crisis if it wants to solve the euro crisis, the US investor George Soros writes in the state-run liberal daily ... » more

5.  Público - Portugal | 27/01/2012

George Soros recommends ECB insurance for government bonds

The European Central Bank has failed to remedy the financial disadvantages of highly indebted euro states with the low-interest euro loans it issued in December, ... » more

6.  Jornal de Negócios - Portugal | 24/10/2011

George Soros on Europe's way out of the crisis

The European heads of state and government have finally understood that they can no longer put off finding a solution to their problems, writes US ... » more

7.  Finance - Slovenia | 26/07/2011

George Soros calls for European, not national solutions

The Eurozone urgently needs a stronger will for political cooperation, writes US investor George Soros in a guest commentary in the liberal business paper Finance: ... » more

8.  Jornal de Negócios - Portugal | 25/06/2010

George Soros on the Germans' new euro-scepticism

US financier George Soros speculates in the business newspaper Jornal de Negócios about what might happen if the euro crisis prompted the Germans to leave the euro ... » more

9.  Világgazdaság - Hungary | 26/02/2009

A new financial system for the Eurozone

In the business paper Világgazdaság US investment banker and philanthropist George Soros calls for a unified European credit market to counter the structural weaknesses of ... » more

10.  La Vanguardia - Spain | 21/11/2006

George Soros discusses the European example

In a text published by the association Project Syndicate, the American financier, philanthropist and essayist George Soros appeals for a common foreign policy in the ... » more


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