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Sorensen, Martin Selsøe

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Information - Denmark | 09/11/2006

Turkey and its past

Middle East correspondent Martin Selsoe Sorensen steadfastly maintains that the Turkish government can only be successful in its attempts to come closer to Europe if the EU remains a strong ally. "Regarding Turkey, one wonders why the EU insists on having everything at once. Both sides agree that it will take ten, 15 or 20 years before full Turkish membership is feasible, so why is the EU so adamant that Turkey break with all its national taboos and traumas within the space of a few years? For Turkey, discussing the Armenians, the Kurds, the military and Cyprus is an incredibly painful process, precisely because these issues have not been addressed for decades. The country is making an effort to confront these issues. But it will take time before the Turkish people are ready for such confrontations. It's much more difficult for Turkey to confront its past than for a country like Denmark, which has an evenly well-educated population and a relatively uncontroversial history."

Information - Denmark | 05/07/2006

Finland tackles the Cyprus-Turkey conflict

Many EU countries are concerned by Turkey's refusal to fully recognise Cyprus. "It's lucky for Turkey that the crisis has come now, while Helsinki is leading the EU, rather than in the spring when Austria was at the helm," the newspaper comments. "It was in 1999 during Finland's last EU presidency that Turkey was first declared an official candidate for EU membership, and now Finland's incumbent prime minister has said he would consider it a personal fiasco if the negotiations were to break down during Finland's presidency… The Finnish presidency now hopes to make headway in the Cyprus issue with its own brand of sauna diplomacy. At the same time, however, it's clear that it'll take more than hot steam and long pauses to avoid a crisis between the EU and Turkey."

Information - Denmark | 22/02/2006

Turkey should mediate in the cartoon row

The paper speculates that the EU may be planning to ask Turkey to act as mediator between East and West in the cartoon row. If it doesn't work out, the EU can lay the blame on Ankara; if it does, Turkey would make a huge step towards gaining EU membership, the daily points out. "The US and the EU are in dire need of a partner with good access to the Middle East. As long as what's at stake is oil, money or the military, people there are willing to negotiate with Western powers, but when, like in the Muhammad row, we're dealing with values, morals or religion, it's a lot more difficult for the West to communicate with Muslim countries. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for Turkey to help solve a major EU diplomatic problem for the first time."

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