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Sørensen, Allan

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Kristeligt Dagbladet - Denmark | 10/08/2009

Fatah not ready for compromise

After the congress of the Palestinian Fatah in Bethlehem, the daily Kristeligt Dagblad looks in vain for conciliatory tendencies in the party's new manifesto: "Anyone who believes Fatah has grown more flexible and ready for compromise over the years is in for a bad surprise. Regarding the peace process and Israel Fatah - in particular its younger generation - uses a very hard rhetoric, and this shines through the revised version of the manifesto. Even if Fatah is taking a hard-line approach to the future, it is vital that Israel should not simply dismiss the Palestinian leadership. Israel should do all it can to further the peace process, without putting too much stock in the coarse rhetoric of the Fatah congress. The expansion of the Jewish settlements must be stopped. If things get serious, it is also in Israel's interest to reach a two-state solution before the next generation of Fatah tosses the idea into the dustbin of history. ... If that happens there will never be peace."

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