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Sommerbauer, Jutta

Sommerbauer, Jutta

Jutta Sommerbauer is a freelance journalist in Sofia. She reports regularly on Bulgaria for German language media including the correspondent network n-ost, Context XXI and Die Presse.

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The author has so far published 1 article on euro|topics.

1.  Debate | 12/01/2007

In the Union of the Insane

Everyone agreed: the path should lead toward Europe, even if in the weeks before the entry of Bulgaria and Romania into the EU, some Euro-sceptical tones could be detected in those countries. » more

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1.  Die Presse - Austria | 03/02/2015

Weapons more effective than sanctions?

Providing Ukraine with military aid offers the chance to reduce the losses on Kiev's side, the conservative daily Die Presse writes, but questions whether this ... » more

2.  Die Presse - Austria | 20/01/2015

Ukrainian military fighting for attention

The fighting between Ukrainian government troops and pro-Russian separatists over control of Donetsk Airport has escalated in recent days. Kiev is trying to get back ... » more

3.  Die Presse - Austria | 02/12/2014

Election result confirms EU's Ostpolitik

The victory of the pro-Western parties in the Republic of Moldova is proof that the European Union's foreign policy in the east of the continent ... » more

4.  Die Presse - Austria | 04/09/2014

Moscow wants to "freeze" the conflict

Moscow's attempt to force Kiev to negotiate a peace agreement directly with the separatists is a tried and tested strategy by Russia, the liberal-conservative daily ... » more

5.  Die Presse - Austria | 20/08/2014

Time to monitor the Russia-Ukraine border

The lack of Ukrainian supervision of its border with Russia lessens the chances of peace, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse writes commenting on a Russian ... » more

6.  Die Presse - Austria | 14/07/2014

Kiev must avoid civilian casualties

Air strikes and heavy artillery fire by the Ukrainian army are claiming an ever growing number of victims in the east of the country. Reports ... » more

7.  Die Presse - Austria | 22/08/2012

Democracy the big loser

Romania's President Traian Băsescu can stay in office but there are only losers in this domestic conflict, writes the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse: "Prime Minister ... » more

8.  Die Presse - Austria | 31/07/2012

Putin secures loyalty of Church

Russian President Vladimir Putin will use the trial against punk bank Pussy Riot to demonstrate unity with the Orthodox Church, writes the liberal-conservative daily Die ... » more

9.  Die Presse - Austria | 24/01/2011

Medvedev falls short of economic targets

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will open the global economic forum in Davos as key speaker on Wednesday. Medvedev put the modernisation of the Russian economy ... » more


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