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Solomon, Hermes

Cyprus Mail

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Cyprus Mail - Cyprus | 02/03/2014

Privatisation no cure-all solution

The Cypriot parliament has put its privatisation plans, which are the prerequisite for the country receiving further international aid, on hold for now. The daily Cyprus Mail warns against judging privatisation plans without taking the specific circumstances into account: "Privatisation has always benefited shareholders and made ever greater demands on employees. Due to vastly increased efficiency, British Telecom's share price has more than doubled over the past three years, although France Telecom's relentless demands for efficiency has driven eight employees to commit suicide. On the other hand, Paris has returned its water supply to public control and by doing so reduced consumer bills by 25 per cent. There are plusses and minuses in privatisation as there is in nationalisation, so let's not pretend that privatisation is the be all and end all."

Cyprus Mail - Cyprus | 31/01/2010

Cyprus follows Greece into crisis

The Cypriot economy is struggling. It may now follow Greece's negative example, the daily Cyprus Mail warns: "Our tourist industry is tired, bedraggled and overpriced; our civil service over-staffed, over paid and inefficient; and our construction industry overstocked and riddled with debt. We have a communist president and a capitalist depression caused by banks and finance companies. We are a nation in debt with no visible way out. ... Drastic situations require drastic measures, but when will we wake up to the fact? Too late inevitably and then the muck will hit the fan and Cyprus will follow Greece in its downward spiral to impoverishment."

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