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Solomon, Alexandru

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Dilema Veche - Romania | 29/11/2007

Alexandru Solomon on lacking communication in Romania

The Romanian director Alexandru Solomon has filmed a documentary about Radio Free Europe, which during the times of the Cold War broadcast programmes mainly aimed at Eastern European audiences. The Romanian/German/Dutch production "Cold Waves" starts tomorrow in Romania's cinemas. In an interview with Adina Popescu Solomon explains: "We would listen to the broadcaster in our living rooms and think 'these people are not afraid to call a spade a spade'. But listening is not a merit in itself. It would have been better for people from Romania to speak out. This is the point at which we must talk about the passivity and apathy of Romanian society. ... In the 1980s there was no communication in Romania; the dictatorship laid down the rules. Those who broke them were acting as individuals. In this film I try to explore why to this day there is no organised, collective opposition in Romania and why everyone struggles to survive on their own."

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