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Solis, René

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1.  Libération - France | 24/09/2007

The mime Marcel Marceau passes away at 84

The daily pays homage to the French mime Marcel Marceau, who passed away on Saturday, September 22 in Paris. "It was in 1947 that he ... » more

2.  Libération - France | 20/03/2007

A documentary goes back to the origins of France's employment crisis

The journalist René Solis shares his enthusiasm for the documentary 'Les Lip , I'imagination au pouvoir' ('The Lip factory, imagination in power') that is being ... » more

3.  Libération - France | 21/07/2006

Final chapter in Handke affair at the Comedie-Francaise

"[Marcel] Bozonnet is paying a very heavy price for the Handke affair," affirms journalist René Solis, referring to the ministerial decision not to renew the ... » more

4.  Libération - France | 31/03/2006

The reopening of the Odeon theatre in Paris

The reopening on Monday, April 3 of the Odeon theatre in Paris after a three-year renovation is hailed by journalist René Solis, who hopes it ... » more

5.  Libération - France | 20/03/2006

White-collar joblessness brought to the stage

Journalist René Solis is intrigued by 'Top Dogs', a play directed by Mathieu Bauer at the National Drama Centre of Montreuil. "Since its creation in Zurich in ... » more

6.  Libération - France | 02/01/2006

The brutality of imprisonment

The Guatemalan artist Régina José Galindo is presenting an installation performance in Paris based on her recent experience of voluntary imprisonment. Her impressions of this ... » more


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