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Solioz, Christophe

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Le Temps - Switzerland | 10/10/2006

Christophe Solioz on the status of Kosovo

As the discussions around the status of Kosovo enter a crucial phase, Chrisoph Solioz, Executive Director of the Center for European Integration Strategies, considers that "the time has come to seek an original and innovative solution : to decree the Kosovo region European. Such an entity - based on EU legislation, benefiting from the status of a partner of European Council and the EU - would be entitled to issue its own passports, to adopt the Euro as currency, to have a flag and an anthem. Such an approach would constitute a real compromise: the Kosovar aspirations would be globally taken into account, and the dissociation of notions of State, of sovereignty and of nation would pander some what to Belgrade's hyper-sensitivity. A nationalism smacking of the 19th century would be replaced by a dynamic regional approach that would be inscribed in a process of European integration yet to be confirmed."

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